Unlocking iPhone 3GS ? How to Identify the IMEI Number

A lot of people may not really need the IMEI numbers of their mobile phones. Why would you need it anyway? Perhaps to make sure you can track it or lock it in case it gets stolen, but if you take care of it, such unpleasant situations are less likely to occur. The truth is that a few people know how the IMEI even looks like, not to mention about its importance. To simplify things in a complicated mobile world, the IMEI numbers are like fingerprints. Two individuals will never have the same fingerprints, regardless of the race, location or gender. The same rule applies to mobile phones.

The IMEI number becomes very important if you think about unlocking iPhone 3GS forever. The tutorials and small programs you may find online can and will work for free, but you can forget about the iOS updates. You also end up voiding your warranty. On the other hand, a paid service unlocking iPhone 3GS with the IMEI or iTunes method will ensure a permanent result. To make things even better, you also end up keeping your warranty. Aside from the iPhone model and the locking carrier, you need to know the IMEI number.

A lot of people do it with iTunes. You need the mobile phone connected to your computer, then pick the right device from a list. Hit the summary button and you will spot a series of settings and options. One of them is about the serial number of the mobile phone. This is where the IMEI is displayed. For this method, you need iTunes 7.6. You can also do it without the iPhone connected to it, but the version required is 8.1, not to mention about having a backup. Get inside iTunes and go to the preferences area. The steps differ, according to your operating system. Once in there, go to devices and scroll over the backup. The IMEI and the serial number will be instantly displayed.

There are also some easier methods to find the IMEI in order to unlock iPhone. For instance, get inside the settings menu of your iPhone, then look after the general button. Go to the about tab, which may also be displayed on the home screen. The IMEI is given in the bottom part of the list. You may just as well dial *#06# on your mobile phone. This is by far the fastest way to do it. Sometimes, you don’t even have to dial, as it will hit the screen instantly.

But what happens when the iPhone is not turned on? Whether it has some problems or not, there are easy ways to determine the IMEI number to unlock iPhone. Open the gadget and look on the SIM tray. You will spot a long number, which is the IMEI.

In conclusion, there are a series of methods to find the IMEI number, as well as the serial number. Normally, the IMEI or the iTunes unlock can be done with the IMEI only. Unlocking iPhone 3GS becomes a matter of time once you have this number.