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iPhone 5 is now a reality, having been launched only a few days ago. Until now, it was iPhone 4S that was dominating the world of smartphones and there was hardly a soul who found any shortcoming in the gadget. However, satisfaction with iPhone 4s did not prove enough to prevent thousands of owners from attempting iPhone 4S unlock.

But do you know what is this unlocking all about and why has it become so endearing to nearly all iPhone owners? Like all clever companies Apple too wants to maximize its profits. One way that it has chosen to realize more money from its customers is by giving them factory locked devices that work with the SIM of the carrier supplying the gadget and not with the SIM of any other carrier.

It is only after signing the contract with a carrier and using the iPhone for a few months that customers learn that they are being charged more than they would if they were to utilize the services of any other carrier.

Can you Unlock the 4S iPhone?

Unlocking is not like physically unlocking a device but it does free the gadget from many of the restrictions put in place by Apple. But who does this unlocking and how? For your information, there are people around the world who know how to make changes in the operating system of the iPhones.

These experts, also called hackers and developers, introduce changes in iOS so that it does not object to use of any other SIM inside the phone. The phone starts to work like any other GSM phone and the customer gets away from the clutches of his carrier. Though the process is simple, not everyone can unlock his iPhone on his own. A customer needs to hire the services of someone having knowledge about this procedure to get his device unlocked.

iPhone 4S unlock has been in the news of late because it happened to be the first iPhone that posed great difficulties for hackers and dev teams. They admitted their inability in developing a tool for easy unlocking of this gadget and if we go by their admission, it is because of the clever deployment of a chipset called A5 in the super fast processor of iPhone 4S. But if you thought all was lost on this front, the fact that thousands of iPhone 4S owners have been successful in their endeavor suggests that you can achieve unlock for your Phone 4S too.

Ways and means for iPhone 4S unlock

Now that you know that options for iPhone 4 unlock are limited, it becomes easy to see that most of the websites selling tools to help people achieve unlock are nothing but scams. Still, there are third party solutions that one has to get down to, if he wants to achieve unlock of Phone 4S. Also, one has to decide between hardware based methods and software methods to achieve unlock. It is worth mentioning that hardware based tools, though they have helped many to unlock their devices are risky to say the least and one should attempt unlocking with them only when he is confident about them. Here is a tutorial that should be enough to unlock an iPhone 4S.

  1. Get to the website of SAM and download the tool
  2. Click on the icon called Prefs in the software after launching it on your system
  3. Once inside, press on utilities and then once again on Deactivate
  4. SAM is launched and recognizes the model of the phone and the carrier
  5. Paste your IMSI in SAM
  6. Through USB, connect phone with the computer and let iTunes activate the phone
  7. Congratulations! You have an unlocked iPhone

Get the right iphone 4 unlock software!

If you have the basic knowledge about the process of unlocking, it becomes easier for you to handle the entire procedure. However, if you are a total novice, it certainly pays to exercise caution before finalizing on a tool from the internet. This is because iPhone 4S unlock is not that common and it is hard to authenticate the companies advertising to have efficient tools for unlocking of iPhone 4S.

If you feel you do not have the confidence to try out a tool on your own, you must hire the services of a company that is recommended by friends and relatives even if it means paying money to get the desired result.