Reasons Standing In Your Way To Jailbreak iPhone 4

Many manufacturers of smartphones and tablets such as the Apple brand have a habit of including layers of Digital Rights Management or DRM on their gadgets. The main function of the Digital Rights Management software is to restrict the apps you can run on the device and at times the network carriers you can use. Apple is notorious for using DRM software especially on their iPhone. This has led many iPhone owners to jailbreak iPhone 4.

Jailbreaking is the procedure of installing modified sets of kernel patches that enable running of unsigned code on the device. In simpler terms, this process hacks your iPhone to bypass the restrictions of DRM and enable you to install unauthorized apps and customize your device. Many benefits come with jailbreaking your iPhone 4. However, there are some serious reasons standing in the way of many people who may wish to jailbreak iPhone 4.

Some of these reasons are:

1. Nullifying your warranty

Of course, Apple is against any attempts to jailbreak iPhone 4. They give various scary reasons why you should never think of attempting to unlock your phone. In an effort to deter you from going through that process, they nullify your warranty as soon as you perform jailbreak or unlock your phone. This means, you cannot go to the Apple store for repairs if you experience any problems during the process or at any other time. This scares many people who may wish to go through the process since the cost of repairing the iPhone without the warranty is extremely high.

2. Plenty of bugs

The process of jailbreaking your iPhone turns your device inside out and may mess with other vital functions. For instance, it may disable your MMS or Face Time applications. Your device may also be full of other bugs that will cause it to hug or shut down randomly without warning. Imagine this happening while in the middle of something important such as talking to your boss over the phone, texting someone urgent information or sending emails you forgot to send the previous day. The terrible consequences of such things discourage people from jailbreaking.

3. Bricking

Jailbreaking an iPhone involves root access to perform modding and this may cause your phone to brick. When you brick your phone, it simply means you will render it completely unusable. Your phone will be like a vegetable. You will not be able to do anything on it. The thought of bricking your phone while in the process of jailbreaking is a strong deterrence for many. However, the process can be reversible using your backups and other tools. Even so, the restoration may or may not work.

4. Security issues

Some methods of jailbreaking have serious flaws and may allow hackers to plant Malware on your device remotely. The process may make your device a hotbed for malicious programs that may interfere with the proper function of your device. More importantly, hackers may easily gain access to sensitive information on your device, which has serious negative consequences.