5 Brilliant Software Tools For Jailbreaking Your iPhone

Certainly, jailbreaking iPhone is not a new concept to many iPhone users. This process allows you to unlock the device if it is locked to a certain network. You can then be able to use the phone with any network carrier. Furthermore, you gain access to countless third party apps that make having an iPhone much more fun. To jailbreak your iPhone, you need to download a good software tool from the net. Some of the top tools for this job are:

‘ RedSn0w

This is probably the most popular jailbreaking tool available on the internet today. Many individuals have used it in the past to unlock their iPhones in different firmware updates. It can also unlock other Apple devices such as the iPad and iPod Touch. The iPhone Dev-Team are the developers behind this amazing app. It supports Windows and Mac operating systems thus no one is left out. You can download this software from your browser.

‘ PwnageTool

This is an amazing iPhone jailbreaking software that is only available for Mac OS X. The tools works by creating a custom pre-jailbroken firmware that you must install in your device to enable the jailbreaking process. Most jailbreaking software tools do not permanently unlock your device, and you have to go through the process again once you update to the new firmware. However, the PwnageTool is different. Once you have jailbroken and unlocked your device, you will not need to do it again when you update to the new software. The tool also allows you to customize the process using advanced options if you know how.

‘ Sn0wBreeze

Do not worry if you are not using the Mac OS X in your device. The Sn0wBreeze is an excellent alternative to PwnageTool for user with Windows OS. The tool works much in the same way as PwnageTool creating a pre-jailbroken IOS, which you must then install to your device to jailbreak it. You will be able to upgrade to a new firmware without the need to go through this process again if you use this tool. You will also have full control of the process, and you can use advanced options to customize the process such as adjusting the root partition size.

‘ JailbreakMe

If you are not up for the lengthy and complicated process of jailbreaking and unlocking your device, then this tool will suit you. JailbreakMe allows you to jailbreak your device by merely visiting a webpage. It is among the earliest tools for jailbreaking Apple devices. Many users consider it to be the easiest method of unlocking your device.

‘ BlackRa1n

This is among the first jailbreaking tools to offer a one click option for jailbreaking your iPhone. You can use it to unlock your iPod Touch and iPhone. It supports both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems for your device. GeoHot is the controversial hacker behind this amazing creation. He has also been responsible for other incredible jailbreaking tools such as LimeRa1n, which he released to stop the Dev-Team from releasing SHAtter, a bootrom exploit.